Welcome to Artbridgeâ„¢, an organization created by artists for artists, whose purpose is to develop, curate and showcase works of large format art for public display and enjoyment. Through Artbridge, artists have the opportunity to exhibit their work to a wider public audience including both the casual observer and art enthusiast alike. All projects are large scale, sometimes taking the artists and viewer into unfamiliar territories and bringing new and interesting influences into the community. Artbridge takes the experience of art beyond gallery walls, and moves it onto the street where it can be fully experienced. In a city under constant construction and redevelopment, Artbridge installations attempt to interact with pedestrians in a new way, bringing light, color, form and beauty to our daily outdoor world. http://www.art-bridge.org

http://www.rodneydurso.com/artwork/artbridge/AB-1.jpg http://www.rodneydurso.com/artwork/artbridge/AB-2.jpg http://www.rodneydurso.com/artwork/artbridge/AB-3.jpg http://www.rodneydurso.com/artwork/artbridge/AB-4.jpg http://www.rodneydurso.com/artwork/artbridge/AB-5.jpg http://www.rodneydurso.com/artwork/artbridge/AB-6.jpg