High Line Design Competition

The original design competition, held in 2003, was proposed amoungst mounting pressure from the Guliani administration to raze the High Line entirely. But as momentum was
building to save and re-use the High Line the design competiton fueled grass roots efforts and was seen as huge boost for moving the project forward..

To enter thec competition I partnered with a group of architects and designers and submitted plans and drawings that at the time seemed very practical. Although our team won no prizes, some of the ideas we developed were some of the very same ideas that were used in the final designs.

As we all now know, ultimately the High Line was not only saved from destruction, but has become one of the most outstanding examples of urban reuse and redevelopment in the history of New York City.


http://www.rodneydurso.com/exhibitions/HL11.jpg http://www.rodneydurso.com/exhibitions/HL2.jpg http://www.rodneydurso.com/exhibitions/HL3.jpg http://www.rodneydurso.com/exhibitions/HL4.jpg http://www.rodneydurso.com/exhibitions/HL5.jpg http://www.rodneydurso.com/exhibitions/HL6.jpg http://www.rodneydurso.com/exhibitions/HL7.jpg http://www.rodneydurso.com/exhibitions/HL8.jpg