collage & mixed media

works on canvas

“As I grow my creative practice, the nature of my work becomes open to an incredibly diverse universe of interesting projects and opportunities. This newly launched website now includes not only my portfolio of many years of branding, design and works of fine art, but also describes some of my other interests and explorations that are still in development.” — Rodney Durso, January 2009

NEWS:ArtBridge™ celebrates it’s first year. We are non-profit orgnaization that was founded specificallly to curate and showcases works of orginal art on New York sidewalk bridging, This is our latest installation in West Chelsea, NYC


Why are taxi systems in some cities around the world better designed and better managed than others?

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SAAB is of one of the worlds most beloved brands!

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Whatever Moves You

With the drastic change in the American automotive industry over the last years, lots of very interesting new vehicles have come on the market.

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Signs of Life in New York

You may have noticed around NYC that our parking signs have been nicely updated. The text (font) has been changed to look more modern and signs…

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Bike Share

Bike Share begins to appear in cities worldwide, why not NYC?

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