Presenter’s Toolbox Workshop outline

Background and Description: As designers, Illustrators and artists, we must all be able to talk about or “sell” our creative ideas to our audience. That audience may be a fellow designer, a Client, an Account manager, a Creative Director or perhaps a group of all of the above. Even the most abstractly designed creations can be successfully and meaningfully understood by your audience if you know how to talk about, sell and verbally communicate your ideas in conjunction with a well rehearsed presentation.

This workshop is about the relationship between the spoken word, unspoken language and design. It is intended to teach all mid to senior level designers how to improve their ability to articulate their thought process, explain the development of their ideas from concept to finish, and present design work in a way that is ultimately more effective and convincing.

We will learn, through lecture, individual and small group exercises, how to describe in plain words as well as standard industry terminology, to talk about your creative compositions (designs, layouts, drawings, etc.). You will learn that you will no longer need, and eventually not be allowed to say, the word like when describing one of your creations, as in “it’s kind of like” or “it’s like…” or “I just don’t like it”.

As designers need some reliable frame work, tools, standards or systems in which to describe our visual communication ideas. Without proper descriptive techniques others will not understand our work, their context and meaning and not buy into the ideas or designs.

The goal is to learn how to objectively, strategically and intelligently talk about your work through the use of voice, gesture, and supporting visual materials to communicate your ideas either one-on-one, to a group, in meetings, or in critiques and have the audience understand and “buy” your design message. Though weather they agree with that message is not the point, it’s about the understanding of the solution you propose.

In the workshop we will do a variety of exercises in a variety of mediums. You can contact me or download an outline of the workshop below.

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